Monday, September 6, 2010

flash for sale...

roller derby 5 sheets with lines 50$ plus shipping paypal

flash for sale...

birds and banners 5 sheets with lines 50 bucks plus shipping

a few random ones!

heart-frank lee flash
lotus-tim lehi flash
psalm 23-grez flash

finally finished this...

started in 07 finally done!

offensive weekend...

aliens from texas landed in search of nocturnal stigiformes this weekend... some photos ..pirate girl is from 08 or 09  horses are from 07 and kupie mermaid from 2010

back from portland!

back from portland safe and sound... it was a great trip! thanks to everyone that made it so great... nick,natalie,micaela, megan,seth and of course my lovely wife emily! we had some great food there and visited about every part of the city amongst a ton of other things! one of the things i took away from portland was this: you dont have to be good at many things you only have to be awesome at one. you dont have to make the best burger and fries in town you just have to make the best fries and they can go get the burger somewhere else...i appreciate how people only focused on one thing and did an awesome job at it. People there took great pride in the products they produce and made no apologies for specializing in one thing. I appreciate this and i wish more people approached there lives and jobs like this.Here is a few out of a bunch of photos!