Tuesday, December 6, 2011

long time no blog...

its been a while much more to report when i get some free time... more photos and info soon...  until then...

i see a red sea tattoo gift certificate in your near future..

good times at the tattoo shop today...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

mmmm food....

i love food... most know this about me...i think cooking food is a folk art alot like tattooing...its easy to  please the general public but hard to please the people that know... im always stoked to find new places that i havent eaten at in our fair city ... especially when they are super good...  and believe it or not wichita even in my vegetarianisms i can still  find the best places... my latest offering...tortilleria rodriguez..... they make there own tortillas both corn and flour and have some good flour chips as well.... the salsa is the best i have had in wichita bar none..... check them out ... o ya and a few recent tattoos to... o and my newest flash set... sleeve fillers...

Friday, August 12, 2011


Do you feel like the lamest person in town because you missed the super awesome sk8board art show that you have been hearing all the cool people buzzing about....well back by popular demand!!!!!  We have decided to leave the GET RAD, ART OF THE SK8BOARD SHOW up for final friday....this truely is your last chance....FINAL FRIDAY AUGUST 26TH .... dont sleep on this one..... its your last chance to be a part of wichita history....see you there!

Friday, August 5, 2011

an ear full of GET RAD

its no secret how most artist that live in the state of kansas feel lately....... nor is it a secret about our fine cities economic state..... and to top it all off this heat sure doesnt help anyones mood either.... so with a big fat middle finger to these circumstances  i offer this..... GET RAD -THE BEST SKATEBOARD SHOW IN THE MIDWEST....im so stoked for this show.... i have seen this idea grow from a few slow days of pushing around our skateboards in front of the red sea/notes and noises compound.. to over 60 boards and almost 50 artist involved......even with all the late nights and the lists of things not to forget (o wait wheres that list of stuff i was going to write on this) this has been such an amazing experience for me.. ... many questions have come up in my head like......what is this show rooted in....why has this idea so easily sold itself to all involved who have given so much time, money and stress to be apart of it......why has this seemed to go so smoothly....why have people been so eager to give up there free time to do a bunch of work putting this show together....... i dont know the answers to many of these questions .... but i do know these things.... i know some really talented people (though most will tell you they are not) every board in this show is amazing, separate, and different and believe it or not, there are no turds.... even if it was last minute every artist gave 110% on this event and it truely shows  .... i have never talked to so many happy artist.... the past week has been like christmas with everyone coming in with their boards and almost eager to show them off... this is not like the people i know... or at least i didnt think it was....artist being happy with what they produce is a rare occasion ... no one came in with there head down this is what i love about this show...  ....another thing i have learned is that  people i know have big hearts... i asked friends from all over the country to not only spend money on making a board but spend money shipping me there boards.. one of my best friends Dallis Willard  spent more in shipping than what he asked for his board just to see i would get the board in time.... now thats love....not only do we have some of wichitas leading artist in the show but a ton of local artist you have probably never heard of (because they dont consider themselves artist) ... we also have artist from hawaii, colorado, california, oregon, and texas in the show... we wanted to invite 3 kinds of people....1.artist that had nothing to do with skateboarding 2. artist that use to or still do skate  3. people that use to or do skate that have nothing to do with art... not only do i feel like everyones board is a home run , it was cool to see old skateboard friends dust off there creative spirit and far exceed my expectations.... things fell into place for this show better than what we could have ever planned ... one thing that has been on my plate the past year is -the less i try to make things happen the better they end up....this show has been a great lesson in delegation .... everyone that has helped with this art show has given there all to make this one of the best art shows in the history of this city .... the art is killer and we also have some fun suprises in store...  BUT ALAS if art isnt  supported by the community the artist  will leave...  if art shows arent supported by the local community sadly to say they will not continue.... what kind of wichita do you want....no one that helped put this show together has made a dime on it.... we took a 20$ entry for each board and every single cent of this has gone back into this show.... every dollar sold (minus a small credit card fee,they gotta get theres so bring cash) goes directly to the artist selling the board.... artist are working hard for your enjoyment please support them and their journey to make you feel just a little bit better in your day to day life.... for as fun as it is to look at a board at a show i assure you its even better to see that board hanging on your wall......also a word about our sponsors... if you like this show please think about supporting our sponsors they made it possible.....and if they arent around or dont continue to be around what would this skateboard show be..... they are:


i would also like to mention some people that helped a ton with this show:

HEATHER EDEN: did our music,figured out our water situation  and helped guide the show with her past experience and just all around helped keep things in the right direction
SHAILA MAYBERRY: was not only always offering to help but took on the thankless task of trying to get every artist title card info together... she had a crap job for sure and did an amazing job at it...
KNOLLAS PIZZA @ 13TH AND WEST: always so giving and supportive of community events....
MR CHRISTOPHER CANARY TRENARY: what can i say about chris ... if he wasnt around this show would not have happened..... not only has he busted out so much artwork for this show with ease he has guided this show into not only an art show but something that will be a hole lot of fun for everyone....always positive even when im barking tons of reminders at him i would not have attempted helping with this show had it not been for him being a part of it he is not only a hard worker but a great friend please support NOTES AND NOISES
EMILY HEADLEY: sooo much fire behind this one.... blanketing the town with flyers... if you saw a flyer odds are  emily put it there....she not only did her work for the show but took time off her job to help me with my work for the show ... she kept it all together  and truely is my better half...please support her at LADY LUCK SALON
MICHELLE WHISMAN and MARTA MCKIM: running crazy errands for us and doing a ton of unfun stuff...please support them at LADY LUCK SALON
CHANDRA DICKSON: for putting together ict fest and letting us advertise there....
IAN STEWART: holy lord this guys had it bad to... any piece of paper you saw with GET RAD anything on it he made it happen.... o ian can you add this or change this and can you get me this stuff tomorrow ... never complaining always just making it happen! also designed one of our flyers please support BIG MENTION
WWW.AQUACONNECTIONS.COM: gave us an unbelievable deal on some refreshing beverages!
MITCH AND MARK WALKER AT THE GO AWAY: i would have killed me if i was them....hung this show in over 100 degree weather... they take great pride in making awesome art look even more awesome ... they put alot of heart into hanging this show and would not settle for second best....and were very patient with me having no clue what i was doing... please support  THE GO AWAY GARAGE
BRANDON SHIMANEK:   i dont want to let this cat out of the bag just yet.... come to the show you will find out... so stoked on this....
HEATH LEFFEL: for making awesome artwork for one of our flyers! please support him at HELLBOMB TATTOO
MATT HEADLEY: honestly i didnt do much but put together the artist that i enjoyed looking at their work... they didnt let me down.... o and bark reminders at people and generally annoyed the hell out of everyone... please support me anyway at RED SEA TATTOO

Thursday, August 4, 2011

official lists... in no particular order....

Artist List..

Sloan Smith
Brandon Smith
Ian Stewart
Adam Aylmer
Bluebird Arthouse
Heidi Cruz
Logan Casimir
Jason Straughan
Jeni Schmitz
Matt Dover
David Finley
Martin Del Camino
Naltalie R. Ehrlich
Ryan Garlow
Raul Tanguma
Justin Haas
Matt Headley
Emily Headley
Chris Hess
Alex Kass
Anne Lawrence
Duncan Macormac
Jaki McElroy
Matthew Osborn
Alec Parker
Jason Phipps
Matt Penner
Brad Ruder
Christopher  Trenary
Brooke Henderson
Juan Zamora-Magana
Dennis Mcphail
Jeremy Ekalo
Shaila Mayberry
Jeb McGregor
Jen Kimble
Steve Turner
Christopher Gullick
Adam Achey
Geret Renek
Kenny Biery
Heath Leffel
Alex Thomas
Nate Murano
Heather Eden
Kevin Wathke
Undrell Maholmes
Dallis Willard
Christopher Schowalter


Notes and Noises Record Shoppe
Lady Luck Salon
Big Mention
Endless Ride Skate Shop
Red Sea Tattoo

Big thanks to....

Heather Eden
Shaila Mayberry
Knollas Pizza @ 13th and West
Mr. Christopher Canary Trenary
Emily "Sharky" Headley
Matt Headley
Michelle Whisman
Marta Mckim with Atomic Elbow
Chandra Dickson
Ian Stewart
Mitch and the Go Away
Mark Walker
Brandon Shimanek

mr christopher strikes again..

official artist list out tomorrow.... im sooooo stoked more details soon....  this dope flyer by mr christopher canary trenary at notes and noises

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

slow day today because today is...

420..... thanks for telling me ...
went to a show at the fish haus this evening it was good...
did this and had fun... and a few others as of late...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

o ya ...

and i watched this movie the other day and thought it was note worthy...
killing flies

catching up...

fun stuff lately... broke out the long boards and we have been having a ton of fun.... its fun just pushing and carving around... makes me remember why i was attracted to skateboards in the first place.. it seems the purity of things often gets clouded... trying to always make things better  doesnt necessarily make them better or more fun... some times the rawness of things is what makes it great... i need to remember this in all aspects of my life...dont over think it... dont try to add or subtract ... just love it for what it is...
new shirts and stickers are in at the shop... im real excited about these... the stickers are outdoor super tuff... the shirts are organic cotton.... and old "surf shirt" inspired... these are my favorite ever...
my friend logan gave me this today... its an i phone...hahaha puns are great...
healed up photo...
rollo eagle on katrina.....

people have been picking up my camera and taking pictures of me lately... i dont know why.. but i figured i would humor them by posting these photos...
emily took this photo i thought it was funny...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

endless summer!

ive been watching this movie....i love it... it is in my top 5 movies of all time....ENDLESS SUMMER
it brought back  the travel itch that i have been suppressing for so long.... this summer will be a summer of traveling for me...both fun and work i hope....this summer im going to get out of my box and catch up with old friends and try to make new ones  and make NO plans...im excited....the top of my list is...

SF- to see my friend Dallis and get my leg finished from Mr. George Campise
Hawaii- to see my friend Jeremy and to connect back with the ocean...ahhhh
and possibly to New York to get tattooed maybe a couple of times over.... i have some stuff i need to finish up and i have been really into this guys work if you havent seen it you should check it out... it is my favorite stuff as of lately....Daniel Santoro

i would also like to come tattoo with you... so if you dont mind someone drooling over your shoulder let me know i would love to come hang out.....! My needs are few...and if anyone knows any shops in sf, honolulu, or new york that dont mind having a mediocre tattooer hang out and do the left overs please let me know...
heres a few fun ones...

the lincoln was done by my friend RON he is an amazing tattooer i want a tattoo from him soon...it was very stressful tattooing under such an amazing tattoo..

we have already started our endless summer! im so glad our dog is doing better!

i had fun doing this tribal.... the virtue of patience is best taught by a waitress at dennys lots of great wisdom from her... its funny the stupid little things that one might say that are gems of wisdom to others...thanks caree

this guy showed me this yesterday ... this tattoo is 40 years old  he got it in new york on 42nd street.. he couldnt remember from who....i thought it was cool...
a fun spider web i did today...

bikes bikes bikes... yesterday was amazing!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a few fun ones from this week....

(that i remembered to take a pictures of)

 on mike...
 an old one on mike...

 fun walk ins...
on joe for his grandfather....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things are happening....

O boy where to begin....first off sorry to everyone who has been trying to get ahold of me for both work and friendship it has been a crazy week or so... this has whats been happening...
a. tax season is upon us it has been wall to wall at the tattoo shop.....
b. those of you who know me and my wife know how we feel about our dogs.... to make a long story short pickles (our bulldog) has had 2 surgeries and 4 trips to the emergency room in the past week... im running on 4 hours sleep spending most of my evening last night at the pet emergency and waiting for a phone call from them.. she is at home but we are still hanging out and waiting to see if she is ok... thanks for your thoughts an prayers...
c. Emily has left her previous employer and has some pretty awesome things cooking ... im real excited for her.... her next chapter will be epic ... i wish i could say more but i cant at this point... but it will be awesome ... if you are not her friend on facebook you should be... emilys facebook! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

more snow and a couple more tattoos..

 more snow..
 got logans chest finished... i think hes glad...i really love this tattoo ... jonesy inspired...
oooo its magic...wand .on kary

our friend anne comes to town..

 no antique stores were harmed in the making of her trip to kansas...
emily super spy stealth mode....much fun was to be had...

roberts new v8 tattoo