Thursday, May 2, 2013

its shirt time again...

its shirt time again... and as usual i have no idea what i want to put on the shirts... you might recall the last run of shirts i did in chinese take out theme... but alas this old pony needs some new tricks.... so this is what i have decided to do.... i have drawn up some rough sketches of what i would like on the next red sea shirt... the only problem is i have drawn up 6 ..... i thought i was set on one but its hard to make decisions ... so anyway .... this weekend i will put all the shirt designs on the facebook and  the most likes gets it.... thats right ... you get to pick my next shirt design... if you like 2 or 3 its fine... you dont have to pick just one... heck i cant..oh and to motivate you one random person from the winning shirt who clicked the like button gets a free one.... and yes i do have some other fun up my sleeve for the next shirt design......hope everyone is well... family life is good as this flash sheet shows... momos birthday is coming up.... and here is a bad photo of a

cool tattoo from one of my sheets of flash...  thanks for reading and keep an eye on the facebook for the shirt designs... xo xo

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