Tuesday, June 4, 2013

sabbatical, t-shirts, lighting bolts

sab•bat•i•cal (səˈbæt ɪ kəl) also sab•bat′ic,- any extended period of leave from one's customary work

after being married to the sea so to speak for now the past 11 years i am taking a sabbatical...i will not be tattooing in kansas for  the month of july.... shirking off my daily routine of the past 11 years ... trading it in for fun and adventure of the open road... my plan as of now... is this.... load up the wife and kid  and start in colorado and go where the road leads us....and make as few plans as we possibly can.... i will be tattooing here and there along the way so if you are interested in getting a tattoo from me  or want me to come hang out with you at your shop please drop me a line so i can let you know if i make it to your area... i will have my nose to the grindstone this month before i leave... ..I AM GIVING YOU FAIR WARNING YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO GET A TATTOO OR FINISH A TATTOO BEFORE I LEAVE... as usual i will be taking walk ins from 11 to 7 tues through saturday..... o ya shirts are on there way ... i am super excited about them.... like the last ones they are being printed by local guru of printing phil ross and i believe they are the best yet.... and no they are not on white shirts this time.... they will be 30$ and like the last ones i make no apologies about price... they are this time printed on the american apparel tri blends...( a little softer than the cotton and dont shrink as bad over time) when you buy one you are not only supporting me and my family but phil and his and also american workers.... they will be available super soon and also will be available for shipping... i am super stoked on these... limited run at around 50 and when there gone there gone... no reprints.... this song sums up my feelings as of lately... thanks for reading...adventure is out there... xoxo